No doubt, this is a great option. It will take away at least 10 years from your passport. There are a lot of pictures with such ladies in glossy magazines and on the Internet. So are you brave for a major change? For whom is it suitable for and how to achieve it?

Despite the trend of natural beauty, platinum hair color does not lose its popularity. We associate this dye with angels, a Barbie doll and many top models, actresses and singers. Are you thinking it will suit for adult women? Let’s first figure out how to achieve the desired result.

  • We have to admit that platinum hair color is not for everyone. This is due to the fact that this color is considered the purest shade of the blond but at the same time the most dangerous. This is due to the strong dye. It will really suit young girls. Adult females are recommended to limit this coloring to platinum strands in their hair.
  • This unusual shade should correspond to the face color and tan. Eye color is also very important. Platinum blond goes to females with blue eyes. Brown-eyed and green-eyed ladies may pay attention to the platinum shade.
  • When choosing this option, consider the natural color of the strands. There are certainly lucky ladies with light brown hair. Blonde quickly becomes colorless and takes on the desired shade. More difficult to achieve the desired result on dark or brown hair even with graying. The bleaching procedure will need to be carried out several times. In addition, it will be necessary to constantly paint over the roots and take care of hair using masks, conditioner, and oil.
  • If you decide to change your image this way, please note that the shade must be perfect – without impurities and yellow. Of course, to achieve this perfection at home, without knowing the basics of the process and without having the necessary experience, almost impossible. Therefore, we recommend contacting the professionals who not only help to get a desirable result, but also suggest how to support it.

What to know

Choosing a brand of paint, we recommend that you stop at two options:

  • Professionals series, which presents a great variety – from pearl platinum to ash-violet. The items of such lines care not only about the color depth but also about the health and shine of the strands.
  • resistant dye based on coconut oil, which guarantees not only a desirable richness color but also silky, strong, well-groomed hair.
  • In addition to special products for the care, which the stylist will surely advise you, you can preserve health and natural look of your shag by special masks. This effective method will not let your shining fade. Just be sure to consult with your hairdresser when choosing a variant.

Stay beautiful and stylish!