This elegant haircut for adult females is perfect on short and medium hair.

Every day the world of stylistic art fills our lives with adoration & perfection. One of the most interesting and unusual hairstyles is the option in question. The homeland of the magical masterpiece (where it was first presented) is France, and its “father” is fashion designer Cristian Dior. At first glance, it seems to be a simple hairstyle. But in fact quite the opposite, this option requires an experienced hand of the professional.

Important Tips:

  • The basis of this stylistic pearl is a contour with clear edges and a long, thick bang. The hairstyle perfectly contours the face, femininely delineating all the details and highlighting subtle features. It ideally suits for women with hair of a thick and straight structure.
  • Strands are cut out in the form of an oval contour, in which the outer layer remains longer than the inner one. A similar result is achieved by skillful trimming. This technics allows you to soften the haircut lines and at the same time to make them clear.
  • The finished hairstyle does not require additional styling. For curly or wavy need the help of special iron.
  • The classic version comes with a bang of a perfectly flat line. The length of all hair is cut equally from all sides. In this type, there is always a volume of hair mass.
  • If there is a desire to make this haircut, then the best assistant will be a photo, which will show all sides and technology in detail.

Remember about some important details:

  • The first thing that requires special attention is the shape of the face, which is a very individual for each woman.
  • Ladies with a round face who has a small chin should choose a page-boy with an elongated bang, oblique shape. Bangs visually create the effect of lengthening the shape of the face.
  • Women with oval-shaped face are advised to cut a classic smooth fringe.
  • To individuals with a triangular face, it is better to avoid a haircut of this type.

Differences in styling

Given that each woman has an individual hair structure, it is necessary to take into account all the styling options. All the beauty of this hairstyle depends on the correct modeling.

Thick and even hair is ideal, so it will be easy to lay them for the entire day. Consider some professional mousses, gels, and foams. Apply them on your hair. Use irons and dryers to finish the process.

Hope this article was helpful for you. Don’t hesitate to visit a stylist and get some recommendations. Look gorgeously and be happy, don’t think about your age. Just enjoy life.