If a haircut is boring, it’s time to cut off the bangs. In fact, it’s never late to make a challenging renovation. In addition, bangs can be laid with variations and tricks, so that the reflection in the mirror will no longer seem like an ordinary girl.

Here are some important tips on the subject:

  • Such type of bangs goes perfectly in harmony with braided hair or curls tucked away to the back of the head. Braids, bunches, ponytail – all these hairstyles will be OK. Such styling is associated with student years and therefore helps us look younger, more open and a little more naive. If you are worried that your chin will visually stretch out, leave the long strands on the sides.
  • If the priority is laying to the side, then try so that it is not too pronounced diagonal.
  • Slightly sloping lines are also recommended for girls with a wide chin.
  • We have to admit: everyone does it. From the carefree fashionistas to the ever-busy school teachers – everyone puts raised fringes on one side if they want to look different. And hairstyles with oblique bangs are good because they help to balance the face with a wide forehead.
  • We all like this option with the face which looks quite open: this is when the tips are visible and, therefore, at any moment they can be tousled. But it is not scary: light mess is not out of fashion.
  • Oblique styling suggests that the bangs blend in with the rest of the hair. It always looks catchy.


Some secrets

  • There are cases when rounded tips are hidden. How to do it? You can mess strands around with the styler for a long time, fix the strands. And you can simply comb the hair on the side parting, tie the tail and then release the curl with a beautiful wave. The result is impressive.
  • Do you like to go against the rules? Then you will like this option: pick up the strands from the top of the head, carefully lift from the roots and lay forward and obliquely.
  • Rock style: go ahead. Go beyond the limits! Strands from the top are brushed forward and, at the request of the owner, sideways or straight. Traditional glam-rock images show us hair raised from the roots. The maximum volume should be concentrated at the top of the head: then smoothed tips will look elegant and can emphasize the eyes.

As you see, there is a lot of room to creativity. All you need is a desire to make a difference, to be like a star or celebrity.