This highly popular female hairdressing first appeared in the early 60s of the last century and immediately won the hearts of many women. Nowadays while romantic individuals prefer hairstyles that are easier in terms of styling (flowing curls, crazy cascade, etc.), serious business ladies increasingly prefer short, relatively strict haircuts. Blunt bob is a part of the latter category. And elongated fringe adds some twist to a total look.  

Some useful tips about blunt bob performed with an elongated bang:

  • This hairstyle got its name due to its form. Indeed, it resembles a hat, put over the head. A major feature is an ideal shape with clear lines. However, modern interpretations imply torn edges and asymmetry.
  • Ideally, it is suitable for women with a massive lower part of the face and a small upper (pear-shaped type), since such a solution and balance all the facial features. In addition, it suites well to a square and round faces.

Major variations

It has several major types that vary in the texture and the length:


  • Classic


This is a short hair smoothly framing the face and neck while rather long fringe adds some boyish twist. It can go even around the perimeter of the head, or slightly lengthened at the back of the head.



  • Asymmetric


It implies different lengths of strands from one side and the other. It is only important that this length has a very smooth transition. The top of the head remains the same as in the classic version, but you can experiment with styling the bang. Asymmetry can also be expressed in a sharp transition of the length of hair on one side only.



  • Double


This is namely a perfect combination of two layers. The first one is located at the level of the tips of the ears, and the second overlap it slightly and reaches the earlobe.





  • Torn


As the name implies, it is distinguished by the dominance of ragged edges with the same ragged bang.






  • On medium hair


In most cases, this option envisages implies a short haircut. However, there is a stylish one on medium length. It looks certainly very extravagant and unusual. This variation is famous for a short classic cut, but the bottom layer of the hair remains almost untouched. Relatively speaking, your hair is sticking out like under the “cap.”



  • On long hair


Such blunt bob looks the same as the previous variant, but at the same time, the lower layer is left even longer. It’s appreciated by real beauties and fashionista who like spending a lot of time on grooming.

Above we described several types of cutting. In principle, the essence of all options is the same. A luxury solution is when on the back of the head the strands are cut as short as possible, and the upper strands are made of the necessary length and cover the back of the head. This haircut perfectly harmonizes with a smooth transition to a thick bang.

If you want to impress everyone with a totally new look, choose a reputable professional and don’t hesitate to make a major upgrade in your life.